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The Design Process


Conner Drafting & Design is here to help you through the process of designing your home. By designing what you need for the budget you have, we are here to help you out.


Our first meeting is complimentary. We like to get to know you and learn about the things you would like in your home. Do you entertain? Do you like open floorplans? Or perhaps more intimate and defined living spaces? What style of house, building budget, square footage, and features would you like in your new home?

Learning about these things helps us in the design process.


We charge on a square footage basis. 


After our initial meeting, we send you a Proposal. Once we receive the retainer stated on the Proposal, we will begin laying out your home. 


We lay out the first floor pretty close to what we talked about at our initial meeting. Then, you receive it, make any changes you want, then send it back. We usually go back and forth 4 times. (any changes after the fourth time will be billed by the hour) Once the first floor is perfect, we move on to the second floor. (or if you don't have a second floor, we move on to elevations) Repeat process. Once the floorplans are locked in, we move on to the elevations. Then the foundation/details and finalized construction plans. 


We provide 4 sets of finished plans for the client. Our plans include: floorplans, front, left, right and rear elevations, foundation plan, roof plan, and applicable structural details per NC Building Code.


We propose completed drawings anywhere within 8-12 weeks. Of course, the time frame depends on some factors. This time frame could take more or less time depending on how quickly the client can make changes to the preliminaries we send them. For example: If we send the client a first floor layout and they go over it and send it back to us within a couple of (business) days, we can usually turn it back around to the client in a week. But, if the client wants to look at it for 2 weeks, that puts the ‘8-12 weeks’ time frame as not possible. 






Jacksonville, NC
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